Change history

Version 2.2:

Changed: Console coomunication speed increased, traffic reduced;
Fixed: Console errors handling bag;
Fixed: Cycled error message in case of wrong password during connection to service;
Fixed: HTTP proxy URLs handling;
Fixed: Service options -> Other: LAN Interfaces checking/unchecking bag;
Added: Possibility of creation portable console version through console main menu;
Added: New performance counters in console left-bottom corner: NAT connections count and system uptime;
Added: Blocked URL connections showed in NAT table viewer;
Changed: NAT table performance slightly improved;
Added: Scripting: TrafficFilter.CreateOleObject method which provides creation of any system-registered automation object;
Fixed: Scripting: Bag when script language other than VBScript;
Fixed: Scripting: Errors handling bag;


Version 2.1:

Fixed: NAT-table freezing and NAT-table view errors;
Fixed: Service incorrect handles entering to the "sleep" mode and Wake-On-Lan "magic" packets;
Fixed: Some RPC engine errors fixed;
Added: Blocked HTTP requests can be redirected to other specified URL now (see rule URLs blocking page);
Added: Scripting: Rule.RedirectBlockedURLTo property.


Version 2.0:

Changed: Connection node expanded automatically now.
Added: HTTP URL's showed in NAT table.
Added: Connection traffic showed in NAT table.
Changed: Important! The rules behaviour is changed: Earlier if conditions on IP and/or Ports have been set and the condition on the ARP-protocol was simultaneously used - ARP-packets did not get under a condition because conditions on IP and Ports are specified (ARP protocol does not have IP and Ports). Now the rule handles ARP-packets irrespective of conditions on IP and Ports.
Added: HTTP URL blocking.
Added: URL groups tab in service options.
Added: Logging NAT-connections to file.
Added: Scripting: New property: TrafficFilter.URLLists.
Added: Scripting: New property: TrafficFilter.HTTPPorts.
Added: Scripting: New property: TrafficFilter.NATLog.
Added: Scripting: New property: Rule.URLGroups.
Added: Scripting: New property: Rule.ActionURLGroups.
Changed: Scripting: Important! TrafficFilter.NATTable.GetRows changed: return array has two new elements - traffic, URL.


Version 1.9:

Fixed: Bandwidth limiting bag.
Changed: Bandwidth can be limited by rules with packet action "None" also.
Added: Dynamic bandwidth limiting.
Changed: Swap "OK" and "Cancel" buttons in dialogs.
Added: Rule name showed in the header of rule editor window.
Added: Rules can be enabled/disabled from rules list.
Added: Scripting: New Rule functions: StatLastXXX.
Added: Scripting: New Rule properties: DynBandwidthXXX.
Changed: Screenshots updated in the manual.


Version 1.8:

Fixed: NAT: If connections limit and NAT used together - NAT works wrong in some cases.
Fixed: NAT: In some cases automatic source NAT works wrong if destination IP address changed by rule also.
Changed: NAT: Improved handling ICMP protocol by NAT table. Now tools like traceroute (tracert) works correctly.
Added: Scripting: New properties of TrafficFilter object: IsFirstLaunch, LANInterfaces, LANRanges.
Added: Service listen port for console connections now logged to the system event log at service start.
Changed: When service installed first time - all network interfaces now enabled for filtering by default.
Added: If password for service is empty (by default) - console shows warning message when connected to service.
Added: Console now have configuration wizard to configure program as NAT router.
Added: New service configuration page for configuration LAN IP addresses ranges and interfaces.
Added: Console try to detect user interface language automatically now at first console start. But language can be changed manually. If current system language does not supported by console translations - language settled to English.


Version 1.7:

Added: Russian language support (console main menu File -> Languages).
Added: If in freeware version created more than 5 rules, rules which ignored have red icon and text "Ignored! Freeware version restriction - 5 rules!". Earlier the user was not notified on creation of rules over restriction.
Fixed: Some errors in help file.
Fixed: Console "deadlocks" on the slow network links.
Changed: IpHlp API now loaded dynamically. Now service can work without IpHlp API installed.
Changed: Memory management improved.
Added: Sending packets to TCP/IP stack possible now (see Bridge / Redirect action).
Fixed: Console error on Windows shutdown/exit session.


Version 1.6:

Fixed: "Path not found" error when console starts.
Added: Now possible to change TCP listen port for console connections.
Added: Replace source IP address and source port automatically. Now possible NAT with dynamic IP addresses.
Fixed: NAT table rows retrieving and entries filter.
Added: NAT table options page.
Added: Scripting: New NATTable properties: ItemTimeoutMSecTCPClosed, PortsLo, PortsHi.
Added: Scripting: New Rule properties: ActionRouteSourceIPAuto, ActionRouteSourcePortAuto.
Changed: This manual updated. Added some scripting samples, added example of automatic NAT, screenshots updated.
Added: If version is freeware - word "Freeware" after connection name showed in the connections tree.
Fixed: Some variant arrays wrong handled by RPC engine.


Version 1.5:

Changed: RPC (Remote Procedure Call) engine rewrited and optimized. Now console<->service communications more faster (up to 50-70 times) and stable. Also all remote console communications now is compressed and encrypted.
Added: Now possible to limit connections count per rule.
Added: Scripting: New Rule properties: CurrentTCPConnectionsCount, CurrentOtherConnectionsCount, CurrentIPConnectionsCount, ConditionTCPConnectionsOperator, ConditionOtherConnectionsOperator, ConditionIPConnectionsOperator, ConditionTCPConnectionsOperand, ConditionOtherConnectionsOperand, ConditionIPConnectionsOperand. See Rule properties fore more information.
Fixed: Handling decimal separator in the rule editor. No more "invalid counter value" errors.
Fixed: If system performance counters works wrong - console don't works also.
Added: New COM object properties: Compress, MinPacketSizeForCompress, EnableCallbacks.
Added: Now console window can be minimized to the system tray.
Added: Now you can view NAT table content. Filtering by rule name and source address allowed with masks, like "192.168.*".
Changed: Internal logic of bridging more intellectual now.
Fixed: In some cases NAT does not works.
Changed: NAT logic. Now NAT more intellectual.
Added: Scripting: New object NATTable.
Added: Scripting: TrafficFilter.NATTable property for access to the internal NAT table.
Fixed: Rules list update and select problems.
Added: Scripting: TrafficFilter.IsFreeware property.
Added: Scripting: TrafficFilter.Params property.
Added: Scripting: TrafficFilter.ListenPort property.
Added: Scripting: ComObject.Port property.


Version 1.4:

Changed: Now is possible add data about packet to the NAT table if rule packet action "None" or "Allow".
Changed: Manual updated.
Fixed: Bug: In the some cases rules with enabled NAT counts traffic wrong and bandwidth limit works wrong (in one direction only).
Added: Scripting: Documentation: Added description of COM object.
Fixed: Scripting: Query and set operations on Rule.ActionRouteBridgeInterfaces and Rule.ConditionInterfaces now is valid.
Fixed: Scripting: Exception raised when try to get any value of type "Byte". All values of type "Byte" changed to type "Integer" now.
Added: Scripting: TrafficFilter.AdminPassword property.
Added: Scripting: TimeRange.Name and TimeRange.Description properties.
Added: Scripting: Rule.AsBinary property.
Changed: Console part (netcom.console.exe) fully rewrited. Now from one console you can connect to many NetCom services at with same time.
Fixed: Rules list blinking.
Added: Now you can write description for each rule. Description of rule showed at bottom of main window of console when rule with non-empty description selected in the list.
Added: In the rule editor you can call templates window and select IP, MAC, Port etc.
Changed: Now minimum bandwidth value can be 1KB.
Added: Console show performance of remote machine and remote service: processor usage, memory usage etc.
Added: In the rules list added column "Packets/s (in/out)".
Added: Scripting: Rule.CurrentSpeedPPS, Rule.CurrentSpeedPPSIn and Rule.CurrentSpeedPPSOut properties for determine speed in packets per second.
Added: Service at each start creates backup of service configuration file in the "backup" subdirectory of installation directory. Service backup directory contains 20 last backups.


Version 1.3:

Changed: Installation procedure.
Added: Some windows positions saving in console.
Fixed: Some memory leaks in netcom.service.exe executable.
Fixed: Bridging packets looping. Note: bridging correctly works only on Wondows 2000 and higher. Now is possible to create one-rule-bridge (see How to).
Added: Global scripting modules (all modules loaded at service startup).
Added: Scripting: new object: Scripter (Can be obtained from TrafficFilter.CreateScripter).
Added: Scripting: new objects: ScriptModuleEvent, ScriptModuleEvents, ScriptModule, ScriptModules.
Changed: Some documentation changes.


Version 1.2:

Fixed: Monthly and yearly execution of scripts and programs.
Changed: Optimized rules handling.
Added: Scripting: New methods in TrafficFilter object: LogInfo, LogWarning and LogError. This methods can be used to write events in Windows Event Log.
Changed: In rule editor IP addresses edit fields changed to dot-notation edit fields.
Added: When console connection lost - it's try to reconnect automatically (3 reconnect attempts).
Changed: When two or more consoles connected to the service and one of consoles change rule - others can see changes automatically (before rule can be edited - it's queried from service).
Added: NAT support. When packet IP or Port changed by rule - backward replacements will be made automatically.
Added: Scripting: Rule.ActionRouteNAT property. Enables or disables adding of packet to NAT table.
Changed: Some UI changes.
Changed: Counters logic changed. Counters now incremented even if time and counters condition does not evaluates to TRUE. Now possible create rule like this: "Deny IF counters..." and "Deny IF Time...".
Added: Interfaces condition. Now possible create rule based on network interfaces.
Added: Direction condition. Now possible create rule based on packet direction (incoming, outgoing, both).
Added: Scripting: Rule.ConditionPacketsDirection, Rule.ConditionInterfacesOperator and Rule.ConditionInterfaces properties.
Fixed: Scripting: Setting Rule.ActionRouteBridge and Rule.ActionQoS now correct.
Changed: Service put adapters in PROMISCUOUS mode. Now program receives all packets on network, even if destination MAC address not equal to adapter MAC address. Now is possible to create the real packets bridging and redirection.
Changed: If console connected to "localhost" or "" - rules list updated every 1 second else every 3 seconds.


Version 1.1:

NOW IS FREEWARE! See freeware version restrictions.
Changed: Some console interface changes.
Changed: Scripting: Selected to filter adapters does not saved every 3 minutes automatically now. To save selected adapters you must call TrafficFilter.ForceSaveConfig!
Added: Console shows warning message, when adapters to filter not selected.
Added: Logging to the system event log. Server-side scripts errors also writed to event log.
Fixed: Uninstall procedure.
Fixed: Saving adapters configuration.
Fixed: When adapter is disabled / enabled in network connections - program updates now adapters list automatically.
Changed: Now you can input traffic conditions and counters values in floating-point notation.
Changed: In main console window all traffic values showed in floating-point notation.
Added: Console connection notifications and versions notifications.
Changed: Since this version you can to block, route, bridge, redirect, apply bandwidth and QoS to packets in DEMO-version also!
Changed: Format of storage rules properties! Converting to the new format done automatically at service startup. Don't try to connect to the new version of service from console with old version!
Fixed: Incorrect starting / stopping service from command line (/start, /stop).
Fixed: Some errors in RPC protocol. The console and COM-object connections more stably now.
Fixed: Monthly and yearly counters were reseated incorrectly.
Fixed: Service stopping long-time.
Added: Bandwidth actions (with 1 KByte stepping).
Added: QoS actions (priority-based Quality of Service. 9 priority levels).
Added: Bridge / Redirect actions (you can repeat or redirect packet to other interfaces).
Added: New Rule property: Rule.MetaData. With this object property you can store any values you needed. Values will be saved with rule and restored after service startup.
Added: New TrafficFilter property: TrafficFilter.MetaData. With this object property you can store any values you needed. Values will be saved with configuration file of service and restored after service startup.
Added: To COM-object: Rule.CurrentSpeedBytes, Rule.CurrentSpeedBytesIn, Rule.CurrentSpeedBytesOut properties. With this properties you can get Incoming, Outgoing or Summ (CurrentSpeedBytes) traffic speed for rule for the last 10 seconds. TrafficFilter.Version - returns version of service. TrafficFilter.GlobalLock, TrafficFilter.GlobalUnlock methods - for access to shared resources from scripts.
Changed: Some documentation changes.


Version 1.0:

First release